Things You Need To Prepare When Meeting Your Immigration Consultant

The expertise of a consultant for Australian immigration from Dubai is need to ensure that you can secure a visa to gain entry to a country of your choosing and travel without a hassle. But, in order for these consultants to do their job, you also need to do your part to speed up the process.

If you have a scheduled meeting with your immigration consultant, here are some things that you can do beforehand to expedite the process:

  1. Be an informed consumer

Think of getting a consultant as a service that you will pay for. And before you pay for a service, you need to know the background of the service provider and about their other services as well. Being an informed consumer will help you to communicate your needs to the providers based on the services that they can offer. You will also be informed of what and what they cannot do.

  1. Prepare all the necessary documents

Immigration consultants would usually give you the list of documents you need to prepare for the application. But it would be best if you can prepare them beforehand to expedite the process. It would also help you can bring the documents upon initial consultation so you can get appraised and see what are the things needed to increase your chances of securing a visa. This will save you time and also devote the consultation to important matters other than the discussing the requirements.

  1. List down your questions

You probably have a number of questions in mind. Be sure to write them down before you go to your scheduled meeting. Listing down questions would help you to be more informed about the process and also clarify things that are not clear to you, in terms of visa application and approval.

  1. Manage your expectations

Some clients expect that the immigration consultants would answer all their inquiries in one seating. But for some cases, they would need to do some research to give a clear answer. Manage your expectation and ask the immigration consultant when is the possible time he/she can get back to you to answer your concerns.

  1. Know the consultation fee

Some immigration consultants require consultation fee on the initial meeting. Be sure to ask about this beforehand so you can prepare a check. You can also ask for their mode of payment so you can settle the balance beforehand.

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