Playing golf in Dubai is a lot of fun

The outstanding holiday attractions that Dubai has to offer makes countless people from all over the world visit it every single year, and though it is well-known for its dedicated (some would say crazy!) development projects, the Dubai shopping festival, and magnificent high-class hotels, Dubai isn’t the first place you would think of when considering a golf holiday. But Dubai is the playground for the prosperous and celebrities, and has always prided itself on offering every possible high-class experience for people and guests as well – golf is no omission.

Dubai now features a fair selection of the best golf clubs and courses in Dubai. France, the Algarve and the United States are still he top destinations for those interested in golf, but Dubai is becoming well-known for those who want something a little different from their golf holidays. These are courses that are literally exclusive – they offer a great challenge to newbies and professional gamers as well. The best part is that countless international events are also held here every year. This shows that Dubai is booming in terms of golf too.

No golf holiday in Dubai is complete without a journey to the two most well-known golf courses, which are known as the Emirates Majlis and Dubai Creek. The Emirates Majlis was the very first golf course to have ever been developed here. Known as “The Desert Miracle”, it is well-known for its Bedouin style group home and very complex framework – it needs amazing skills to try out your skills here. The Emirates Golf Club now has a second course designed by Nick Faldo, that goes by the name of Wadi, which provides a very different but fairly similar complex experience.

While the Emirates Majlis may have come first, Dubai Creek is perhaps the most well-known course in the country for golf lessons and instructions, and there are a lot of high-class holidays to Dubai that have this course as a main interest. The Dubai Creek is a must to try out on, with lengthy, shifting courses that span all through it, presenting you with an architectural success in the form of its clubhouse that features a deluxe spa and gym. It is an essential course to try out on while on a golf holiday to the Emirate.

Those are the two biggest and most well-known courses in Dubai, but there are a lot of others as well. The Montgomerie provides an amazing golf performance on a very amazing course, well known as one of the most eye-catching in the area. The club house is top notch, with a restaurant that seats over a wide range of facilities like a gym, spa, club bar and banqueting area.  The Desert Course at the Arabian Ranches is the best option for those who really want the experience of getting to play golf in a desert, with the well managed gardens that adds to its outrageously amazing beauty.