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ENT, or Ear, Nose and Throat, is also termed as Otolaryngology. Earlier, the ENT specialist only used to treat diseases and problems related to allergies, infections and disorders of ear, throat and nose. Nowadays, private ENT Specialists perform surgeries on voice box and face to cure various problems related to it. They also check and treat the problems like thyroid cancer, laryngomalacia and throat cancer. Otolaryngologist also carries out cosmetic surgery like hair transplantation and chin augmentation. They also do treatments for malignant cancers.

What do ENT specialists or otolaryngologists treat?

Neck and Head –
Otolaryngologists treat ailments related to neck and head. It is associated with nerves that manage smell, face, sight, hearing etc. Their professionals are trained to treat diseases and disorders, both pre-mature and malignant tumors, deformities of human face and facial trauma.

Nose – The ENT specialists diagnose diseases associated with the nose. Take care of nasal areas or cavity that senses smell and comprises various allergies and sinuses are among the key skills of otolaryngologists. Appearance of nose and tracking breathing activities is included in Otolaryngologist expertise. They also give references for rhinoplasty in Dubai.

Ears – ENT specialist take care of diseases associated with ear. ENT Professionals are trained in both medical and surgical treatment of hearing like hearing issues, nerve pain, ear noise, balance disorders, cranial and facial nerve disorders along with ear infections. In addition, they treat hereditary disorders found in small children.

Throat – Otolaryngologists also take care of diseases associated with throat. Speaking and eating are some of the activities operated from this area. Professional also takes care of diseases such as esophagus or upper aero-digestive tract, including swallowing or disorders of the voice box.
ENT specialists are also concerned about the problems of skull, face, or scalp, which may include structures of nose, throat and ears. Facial problems like paralysis or pain, infectious skin of neck and face, traumas, bad appearance of nose and face, are also looked at by these specialists. They are responsible for cosmetic operation and surgery, including both reconstructive and plastic procedures. An ENT professional undergoes rigorous training, which means he not only holds an proficiency in whatever comes around, but also the have the skill to face broad challenges.

If you have trouble in hearing or other ear, throat or nose problem, which a general physician cannot cure, then it is suggested to consult a private ENT as soon as possible. From your GP, you can acquire references both an ENT and an ophthalmologist in Dubai too.