5 Tips For Post-Surgery Recovery

Going through a cosmetic surgery is not easy feat. As a trusted cosmetic clinic in Dubai, you need to feel worse before you feel better. But despite the pain and bruising, the result will definitely be worth it. But the result will also be based on how a patient would do after the procedure.

Whether you are undergoing the best tummy tuck surgery in Dubai or a simple face lift, be sure to take note of these pointers to ensure your speedy recovery:

  1. Don’t push through the pain


After the surgery, it is normal to feel pain and see some bruises and swelling. Although this is common, it is a not advisable to tough it out and push through the pain. It would be best to follow your doctor’s advice and take your prescribe medicines, especially the painkillers. This would help you manage the pain. Also, it is not advisable to take alternative medications if it is not prescribed by your physician. There are some herbal medicines that can thin your blood and delay the recovery process.


  1. Try to move around


After the procedure, surgeons and physicians advise their patients not to do strenuous activities in the first 48 hours. However, after that critical period, you need to at least move around to help your body heal faster. You don’t have to lift weights or run miles. You just need to take it easy and one step at a time.


  1. Manage your expectations


Some patients think that after the surgery, they would instantly see the effect of the procedure. But the truth is, it might take weeks before you would see the result. Be patients and manage your expectations. Do not get disappointed by the appearance of the bruises and swelling. You need to remember that those are part of the process.


  1. Veer away from vices


Smoking and drinking right after the surgery would only do you more harm than good. You need to keep in mind that your body is still healing. Drinking alcohol will result to blood thinning which would delay the healing process. Smoking is also detrimental for the health of the patients and would result to even more health problems.


  1. Do not miss your doctor’s appointments


After the surgery, your cosmetic surgeon would probably set a series of appointments to check the progress of your recovery. Be sure attend every appointment so you are updated of the progress and see if there are any complications that need to be addressed.