Tips to help your child adjust to nursery school

Teacher with two children in a class

One of the biggest adjustments that you will make as a parent is that of sending your child to nursery school. This particularly holds true for parents who are doing so for the first time and have no knowledge about what is involved. The child also makes a major adjustment considering that he is used to being at home with parents all through the day.

As a parent it is natural for you to be worried about how your child will adjust at of the best nurseries in JLT and Marina. Once your child starts going to school you will start wondering about the things that you can do to make settling in easier for him. Given below is a bit of information about how you can help your child settle into a nursery.

1- Before anything else, it is highly recommended for you to leave your child with a relative or baby sitter during his young years even if you do so for just a few hours. This is meant to help your child get used to being taken care of by strangers. So when you leave him at school he will not be scared of being in the presence of strangers.

2- If the school allows so try to sit in your child’s class for the first day or so. Many schools allow this as long as the parents do not interfere with class activities. In case this isn’t allowed speak to your child and make him understand what will happen at school. Make sure that you paint a pretty picture so that your child is more comfortable with the idea of going to school on a daily basis. This way he will actually look forward to attending nursery school.

3- Bring you child to school a day before he has to start attending nursery. Take him for a walk all through the building. TO get him excited about things make sure that you take him to his class and show him all the toys that he can play with. Also, make sure that you introduce your child to his teachers. All of this is basically meant to help your child become familiar with the school premises and will surely play a significant role in getting him more comfortable.

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