The benefits of breast feeding

Breast milk happens to be the ultimate food source for newborns. Not only does it assist in infant development, it also helps the mother maintain her health. When you start reading about the benefits of breast feeding it will be obvious as to why medical organizations stress upon mothers to breast feed their babies at least for the first year of the child’s life. With that, here is a look into the multiple benefits of breastfeeding in Dubai.

It protects against illnesses

Babies acquire antibodies through breast milk. These antibodies help in the development of immunity against several diseases. The immune system of a baby further learns about fighting off infections and preventing illnesses.

It helps boost brain power

Breast milk is full of the fatty acid DHA, which plays a significant role in stimulating healthy brain function. Although it is found in infant formulas as well, the fact is that it does not get as easily absorbed by the stomach which makes it less effective. Research studies have also found that breast feeding creates a strong bond between mother and baby which also plays a role in increasing the baby’s intelligence.

It helps reduce depression

At least 70% of new mothers are affected by postpartum depression every year. The effects of postpartum depression can be extremely negative and have the potential to put both mother and baby in danger. When the mother breast feed her baby, oxytocin is released into her blood stream. This hormone triggers feelings of happiness, which makes breast feeding the best natural treatment for postpartum depression.

Reduces the risk of breast cancer

As any Dubai nanny will tell you women who choose to breast feed their babies for at least one year after birth have a reduced chance of suffering from breast cancer. The fact is that higher levels of estrogen in the body have the potential to trigger certain cancers in women. Breast feeding helps reduce the amount of estrogen, thereby averting the risk of breast cancer.

It’s your baby’s super food

The best art about breast milk is that it transforms on a regular basis as per the needs of your baby. Your body tends to act as a sensor for the environment and adjust the water content, fat content and levels of antibodies in the breast milk to insure your infant’s health.