Important facts about green cards

Green cards are issued by the United States of America to those who are permanent residents of the country.  It is basically evidence that the government of the country has given them the permission to stay and work in the country. If truth be told, anyone who is 18 years or above must keep the card in easy reach at all times. As of yet, the validity of the card is for 10 years. In case the residence has been granted on certain conditions, the validity of the card extends over two years. As such, it is necessary for the card holder to pay attention to its renewal on time before it expires. Considering its importance, it is extremely important for you to acquire factual information about how to apply for a green card in Dubai.

The uses of a green card

There are a number of situations in which the green card will be of good use to you. To begin with, the green card is just what you need to prove eligibility of employment within the United States of America. This will be required when you fill in a form known as the Form I-9 or the Employment Eligibility Verification. As the card is also issue when you acquire your US citizenship by investment, it will also assist you in running your business legally.

Apart from that, the card also comes in handy when you apply for a state-issued Driver’s license and a Social Security Card. Without a green card, this would simply not be possible. The card is also required when the holder completes a trip abroad and wishes to reenter the country. This particularly holds true for those who have not returned to the country in more than a year.

Status renewal

If you are a permanent resident of the United States of America, and your green card has expired or is about to get expired, then it is highly recommended for you to get it renewed within the next six months.

In case you are outside the USA and the card is about to get expired in the next six months, then it is best for you to file for its renewal as soon as you return to the country. In case you plan on residing outside the country for some reason, it is best for you to file your application at the nearest US Consulate office to ensure that it does not get expired.