How to make money in Dubai

There are so many urban legends of people going to Dubai and coming back home with millions. Or staying there and keep on living like sheiks do. But it is not that easy. UAE is, without any doubt, the region that gives you so many opportunities, but you have to be hard working and money doesn’t fall from the sky. You have  to be skilled and willing to learn new things in your life. You have to be capable to resist so many temptations in Dubai in order to keep the money you earn.

If you go to Dubai with some serious education behind you, and possibly some previous success, you will surly get the opportunity to work and make a very comfortable life for yourself.

People make most money in IT sectors, banks, hotel business, camel racing and oil but of course there is a way for those that are not skilled in those areas to succeed too. There are many examples of people who found some interesting ways of earning money in Dubai.

What is new today might be old as soon as tomorrow in the city that grows and develops as fast as Dubai does; that is how some youngsters, who are not ready for office jobs yet, discovered the power of Vintage stuff. After people get home from their futuristic, spaceship-like working places, they sometimes want to enjoy things that are plain, old and that remind them of simplicity, so they by vintage phones, clothes, record players, and even toys. Vintage toys are very popular in Dubai right now.

Rich Dubai people often throw away some “old” stuff, or donate them, and on the other side are those ready to receive those things, clean it, fix it and give it some special touch and send it as new again.

It is always useful to discover something that is not present in the market yet, and to become a distributor for that. It could be anything that  is not available enough in this “oasis”-desert, because people with money will surely be interested in investing in something they need and they cannot easily get to it.

In order to save money you earn, one of the first things would be to use public transportation for a while. Dubai subway is almost totally automated and is absolutely always on time, clean, and actually cheap if we consider its quality. Also, you should try not to go crazy with the food, which will most definitely wbe a problem because there is nothing you can imagine or love to eat that you cannot find in Dubai! But if you start saving and after a year or two of saving you invest some money in something important going on in Dubai, and there is just so many things, your money will soon start growing and there there will be no more need to restrain yourself from enjoying Dubai to the fullest.

One more important thing is never to stop hunting for better and better jobs as your expertise and understanding of business success in UAE grows. Your CV will grow while you’re working hard, and that is more than enough to insure your position in Dubai, because only the rich people know to really respect hard and honest workers.