How is ISO 41001:2018 an important asset for your business?

How is ISO 41001 2018 an important asset for your business

The first standard for management of facilities in the world to be developed and published internationally is ISO 41001:2018 (ISO). The specification was published in April 2018 with the aim of improving the quality and efficiency of the provision of management services. The norm focuses on the construction, installation, maintenance and improvising of an integrated facilities management framework for business operations of organizations.

After the publication of a series of documentation relating to facilities administration, ISO 41001:2018 was released. The publications from April to July 2017 included:

  • The terminology used for facilities management requirements are specified by ISO 41011:2017,
  • Facility Management ISO 41012:2017 Offers advice on the procurement process and the creation of Facility Management Agreements,
  • Facility Administration ISO 41013:2017 Covers normal spectrum and advantages.

ISO 267 has been developed and published by the ISO Technical Committee (ISO/TC). The Committee has taken core elements from the En 15221 specification in the development of the roadmap for ISO 41001:2018. In 15221 BSI released the European Facility Management Standard (the British Standards Institute). The En 15221 Standard was not substituted for ISO 41001:2018.

Control of facility is known as the company’s backbone. It is a feature that makes corporate activities simpler by combining individuals, locations, processes and technologies. The administration of facilities assists a company in improving the efficiency of its key business practices by increasing the quality of life of its workers and ensuring that the operation operates smoothly.

The management of installations is a technical specialty that is interrelated and important to a broad number of areas, such as finance, climate, research and development, manufacturing, delivery, etc. The influence of an incorporated FM is greater than it seems for an enterprise that seeks to achieve organizational efficacy and efficiency.

  • Management of installations is responsible for ensuring that the manufacturing process works.
  • It is responsible for protecting company properties.
  • It is responsible for maintaining employee fitness, welfare and efficiency.
  • The value of good maintenance of installations is therefore unavoidable.

ISO 41001:2018 goal

The Facilities Operations Standard is included in ISO 41001:2018. The targets of the norm are:

  • to recognize the management of the facility and to lift consciousness of the value and rewards of management of the facilities.
  • Build a shared global framework and a structured facilities management approach. It seeks to form a common basis for evaluating and calculating facilities management services by organizations, especially FM service companies.
  • The key goal is for all businesses and sectors worldwide to strengthen the adaptation and application of an integrated FM framework.

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