4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Potential Architectural Firm

Hiring competent architecture firms in Dubai is necessary when you want your structure to be constructed and build to perfection. Which is why getting the best team to work on your project is a must. But with a number of architectural firms offering the same services, you need to be extra cautious in your selection.

If you are in the process of narrowing down your choices for potential firm with specialization in architecture and electrical engineering in Dubai, be sure to ask these questions:

  1. What kind of projects you usually handle?


The first order of business when you are narrowing down your choices for potential firms is to know what the potential firms can do for your business. They usually show their portfolio to you during initial consultation. But it is also best to ask them about what they can do. Most architectural firms today are keener on doing projects that they are familiar with. But they also need to be more flexible on handling different kinds of projects. From the answer, you can get a sense if they are competent enough to handle your construction project.


  1. What is your working methodologies and process?


This might be a highly technical question but you also need to know how your potential architectural firm operates. Architecture and engineering projects are done in a very methodical manner, but every firm has their way of doing things. Knowing their process and project methodology would give you an overview of how they will handle a project and what they will do should a project emergency arises? Try to research some methodologies so you will be familiar on their terminologies.


  1. Who will be the people working on your project?


It is important for you to know who are the people that will be handling your project as they will be the ones to turn your vision to a reality. During the initial consultation, ask about the people behind their team, what their competencies are, what are the projects they have done and their work etiquette. You need to know if each and every member of the team would commit.


  1. What is your timetable based on the requirements?


A project is be considered an empty project until you set a deadline to it. It is important that you know if the contractors can finish your project on the deadline that you will set. Also, they need to tell you if the deadline you set is realistic based on the project requirements.