Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important step in your Inbound Marketing program that should support your website and help you get found on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. 

Grass Roots Marketing (GRM) offers SEO packages for your small, medium or large website. SEO projects completed in the past by GRM team members have resulted in dramatically improved website traffic from Organic Search sources.

Included in all GRM SEO one-time packages: 

  • Keyword research, including your company's competitors' use of keywords
  • Development of Page Titles and Meta Descriptions that include the researched keywords and fall within the guidelines set by search engines
  • Installation of Page Titles and Meta Descriptions onto all pages
  • If you have HubSpot, installation of all keywords into the Keyword Tool 

Number of Website Pages

Price of SEO Package

10 $875
25 $1,575 
50 $3,125
100 $6,250
150 $9,375
200 $12,500

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Search engines regularly change their algorithms, making it important for companies to update their SEO several times a year. A monthly retainer can be developed between you and Grass Roots Marketing to keep your SEO efforts going strong.


This SEO improvement process optimizes your site for the best results possible and transforms your current website into a lead generating machine! An effective, ongoing SEO strategy will keep you ahead of your competitors and transform your website from a wallflower to the center of attention. Your website should act as a salesperson and tools like SEO help bring in warm, qualified leads.

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