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Marketing Vs. Public Relations Vs. Advertising Vs. Social Media: Who Comes Out On Top?

EATONTOWN, NJ (April 26, 2010) - It's a four-way battle between tough competitors. As the economy rebounds and consumer confidence slowly returns to the market, businesses are looking to promote themselves to the public again. With the four main disciplines of communication available (marketing, public relations, advertising, social media), business owners are left contemplating which avenue to pursue. Grass Roots Marketing (GRM) Inc. reports that organizations must shift from a one-track mind to a mix of methods in today's economy.

"With an increased amount of impressions required to make an impact, businesses are struggling to find the best way to create awareness about their brand," says Kim Masterson, Director of GRM. "Since the general public is oversaturated with messages in any one discipline, businesses need to connect with their target audience through multiple methods of communication. An Immersive Market approach allows companies to create awareness using a broad spectrum of tools in a subtle, less aggressive manner that is more acceptable to prospective buyers."

Masterson states when you increase the number of marketing channels in your strategy you are more likely to reach new people. Therefore, using a combination of efforts to communicate with your audience is the most effective in today's marketplace. Using a technique like this is especially crucial during an economic recovery. According to research by Penn State's Smeal College of Business, "companies during an economic recession should not cutback marketing programs but rather increase marketing spending to achieve superior business performance."

"It's like in roulette... rather than betting all of your money on one number hoping for a big payout, spread your chips around. That way you've increased the odds of something hitting," says Masterson. "It's the same in marketing. If you get in front of your audience in multiple ways, you can reach more people and evaluate what trends are working, which will help you plan for future projects."

Masterson further explains that when utilizing an integrated campaign, all forms of communication must work together in order to be effective, a notion known as Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). While there are varying definitions of IMC, the basic idea is that each channel should reinforce the other's message. Using a common branding theme throughout all marketing channels allows your audience to recall your brand.

"When you develop multiple methods with a cohesive strategy, you're increasing your chances of reaffirming your message," adds Masterson. "During a recovering economy, it's necessary to utilize marketing, public relations, advertising and social media methods together to educate your audience."

GRM is a full-service integrated marketing communications firm that specializes in cost-effective solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Due to the growing amount of resources required to implement IMC, businesses outsource a variety of IMC tasks from GRM. For more information about GRM and integrated marketing communication, please visit or call 800.634.6476.


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