The Ten Commandments of Inbound Marketing

Posted by Tony Popowski

Jun 27, 2011 9:03:00 AM

To start off this blog entry, I was looking for the easiest way to recap the main principles of inbound marketing. Instead of inbound marketingreinventing the wheel, I realized I could just steal the description from the website's homepage: inbound marketing is a cost effective strategy that drives qualified leads to your website using SEO techniques, social media, blogs, public relations and email marketing.

While there are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that go into a comprehensive inbound marketing program, here are Ten Commandments to follow when implementing an inbound strategy:

  1. Thou shall always be focused on thy customer's needs...not on thyself.
  2. Thou shall not be too 'sales-y' in thy website's copy.
  3. Thou shall include keywords on thy website's page titles, meta tags and meta descriptions.
  4. Thou shall have all marketing materials and campaigns drive traffic back to thy website.
  5. Thou shall always provide valuable content that focuses on the customer in thy email marketing program.
  6. Thou shall create landing pages for thy email campaigns.
  7. Thou shall use social media sites, particularly LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to find and nurture leads.
  8. Thou shall not be overly formal on they blog.
  9. Thou shall provide reporters and writers with useful information so that thy shall get quoted in publications.
  10. Thou shall include strong call to actions on all marketing pieces.
Keep these quick tips in mind and you'll be on your way to inbound success. For more information about inbound marketing, click the button below to download a free Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist. 
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