What Charlie Sheen Can Teach You About Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ali Taylor

Mar 16, 2011 10:35:00 AM

Inbound Marketing with Charlie Sheen

[By Jeff Androsko]

No... this is not an excuse to truck out my best Charlie Sheen jokes (mainly because I only have one) or even to beat the "tiger blood" joke into the ground. All I'm saying is that Charlie Sheen, regardless of how you feel about his antics, has built a brand for himself.

Call it "winning" or America's uncontrollable and unhealthy obsession with celebrities; he managed to break Guinness records and stir up an entire nation with a few simple TV interviews and tweets.

So is Charlie Sheen the "King of Content" at the moment? Answer: yes. But how long will it last? As long as the media is still paying attention (which they undoubtedly are), he will remain a hot topic.

It would appear that Charlie Sheen unknowingly nailed down two fundamental inbound marketing techniques: social media and public relations. Want to harness Charlie Sheen's power without a tiger blood transfusion (gross)? Here's how:

  1. Entertain and Inform

    Not all of your content (written and spoken) needs to be stern and serious. By keeping your audience entertained and informed, you can build a following and brand trust. Sheen snagged 500,000 followers without breaking a sweat. He has now reached over two million followers and continues to grow in popularity. Give him some competition by loosening your tie and speaking your mind.

  2. The Thin Line Between Confidence and Narcissism

    According to two studies, we love narcissists (at first). They come off as charismatic and confident. However, confidence is a double-edged sword. You want to be vocal and sure about your products and services, but not send overly-boasting messages that will make you look like a Sheen one-on-one.

  3. Konsistent Kontent is King

    Tweet it, blog it, post it, like it, promote it. Let's face it... you're not going to get 500,000 Twitter followers overnight. But if you consistently keep up with your social media and website updates (which will do wonders for your site's S.E.O.), your audience will recognize your conscious effort to answer their questions and serve them as consumers.

  4. Work the Media

    Chances are you won't be on the Today show for two weeks straight, but that doesn't mean you can't have your own spotlight. If you have accomplishments, special events and benchmarks your company has reached, promote them with press releases and work your local media for some air-time.

To be honest, I have been following Charlie Sheen on Twitter. Reading one of his tweets is like watching David Hasslehoff eat Carl's Jr. on the floor of his bathroom. The truth is that he isn't that appealing, memorable or funny. His value will wear off quicker than a viewing of Hot Shots: Part Deux. You can beat him at his own game by pursuing longevity instead of shock value. Become your industry's King of Content.

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